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The Marrvelously Lame Pirate Joke Community!

sure, this is stupid... but that's the best pARRRt! P-(

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Why, hello there matey! P-( <-- (That's a pirate!) Anyway, you're here because you must like Pirate Jokes. But in case you're not sure if this is really somewhere you want to be, I'm going to tell you a bit about pirate jokes.

So, you ask, what IS a pirate joke? Well, naturally, it's a joke about pirates. Although a few really don't include this aspect, most involve the syllable ARRRR. no, it's not "ar". It's ARRRR. You have to say it like a pirate (even when typing) or else the joke isn't funny. So, let me give you an example.

q) Where does a pirate go to pick up chicks?
a) A bARRRR!

See? It's simple. Now let me tell you why these things are so darn fun!

Best Things About Pirate Jokes:
-They can be made anywhere, anytime.
-You get to make that fun ARRR sound.
-Anyone can make a pirate joke.
-Even if it's lame... it's funny.
-They're appropriate for all ages. (though surely some could be made that aren't, please keep it PG-13 here)
-Come on, everyone knows pirates are just fun in general!
-They're easy to make.
-The possibilities are endless.

Simple Community Rules:
-Keep it PG-13, please. :)
-Don't make fun of anyone's jokes.
-Try not to repeat jokes.
-Once we have a few members... take turns telling jokes. No one wants to read one person's 3295823 jokes!
-Use LJ cuts! If you type the following with <,> on the outsides instead of parentheses: (lj-cut text="What is a pirate's favorite form of martial arts?") it will make a linky thing so you can't see anything below that without clicking it. So after you type the question in your lj-cut thing like above, you can type the answer on the next line. :) This should keep the friends list spammage to a minimum, and it also makes it so you can guess the answer before you see it. if you hate this idea, though, tell me. :) (By the way... the answer is kARRRate!)
So, go on, join the community and get the pirate jokes stARRRRted! :)
-Please don't tell us about your other communities or anything unrelated to pirate jokes. Quite frankly... I doubt we care. :)

So there you have it, mate. Hope you'll join and stARRt sending us your pirate jokes! &-(